Double M Interactive CD & Website

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Due to completion of my practicum training at Double M Technology Management , I was requested to develop a company interactive CD as a static project and a company website as a dynamic project. Before this, Double M Technology Management has their own website but there have lack of information in the website that make the manager of this company want to upgrade and also maintain the website. So, for this reason, I am going to develop a new website for the company. This website will have the features as a dynamic page and have a programming language and also the database. For the interactive CD, it was developed to provide the customer an additional information about the company such as products and services. This interactive CD also contains video for customer references to know more about the service provided by the company.

Click here to view redesign of Double M Website


AnuarAnzee said...

Is it a fully flash website?

Azuaza Abdullah said...

Double M Interactive Cd is not a website...but a kind of courseware that using flash as a main tool for the development.... Double M website also not a fully flash website...but it is using Joomla Application that combined with flash banner.. :)

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