Internship Testimonial

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Due to completion of my degree in Multimedia at University Utara Malaysia, I was offered to intern with the Double M Technology Management in Bangkok, Thailand. I was so excited doing the internship abroad because I believe it is a unique experience to gain and it is the best opportunity to meet new people.

My first expectation before undergo the internship at the company which I expect I will get the more experiences in doing 3D animation and 3D modeling but the company was not very relevant for my field of studies. However the company accepted me as their new interns as they are always looking for creative student to develop their new website and interactive CD about the company profile. The internship was very meaningful to me because while doing the job that being assign for me, I used my knowledge not just focus on 3D modeling, but also combined it with flash animation, video editing and learned something new, which is to develop website using Joomla application.

I also expect that I must work independently because in working culture, it is so much different with academic theories that been learned in university. Every task must be submit punctually and done perfectly. But, I really enjoyed working three months in the company because of the co-operations showed by their staff. According to my job that been assigned for me, I have to write the content in Thai language which was very difficult because I do not know the language. But my internship supervisor was very helpful, and he corrected the writing and sent it to me.

After living in Bangkok for three months, every day was an adventure for me. I survived to find the Halal foods, learned a basic Thai language for easy to communicate with the seller, and learned how to respect their local people. I loved every minute of it. I was not only able to experience new things and make wonderful new friends, but I was also able to have the incredibly unique experience of interning at Double M Technology Management. The working culture in this country and also the company is quite different from Malaysia. The Thai workmanship is very hardworking, punctual, and helpful although they are from the top management level.

During this time, I was able to join various company activities and participate in their events such as giving the seminar at Chulalongkorn University and Ramkamheng University in promoting company product. As a nature of my company was a software and system developer, I also joined new business and opened a booth at Cozy Beach Hotel, Pattaya. However, the most important task that I had been assisted with during my internship was to open the booth at the 45th Bangkok Gems & Jewelry Fair which was being participated from country over the world. Other than that, I attended the software development seminar at Software Park Thailand.

The wonderful thing about doing a professional internship in Double M Technology Management, Bangkok, Thailand is that I got new experienced so much more than just an internship. I learned about creative thinking that shared by my supervisor. Even he not provides a lecture related to my job but he shared their experiences and knowledge in how to develop my creative thinking in business culture to gain new ideas while doing my job at the company. Without his leadership and less supervision, I would never have been able to learn the importance of how to handle my self in a professional environment.

I am very grateful for the internship opportunity that I was presented with at Double M Technology Management. Over that period of time I learned a lot of different skills that Ican use in the future. This internship helped me build character qualities as well as business qualities that would be use to carry on in a successful career.


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