Photography : Edit Santai...

Saturday, May 14, 2011


Nothing to share, but just to note here that I love to design and love to edit pic when I have a free time... here are my collection of photo editing that I have done. I need to improve more technique and learn more on it.

Banner - Annual Dinner

Salam and Hi All,

It takes a long time for me to update my portfolio again... actually after I'm finished my study at UUM, I got offered to work at TM as a reporting specialist. Thank god!!! This is my career until now and I love to work there with my new experiences and new environment. I'm so busy with my daily task make me forget that I have this lovely portfolio... i'm work hard to make sure that I give commitment in my career. This is my hole money lol...hehe.

One day, while doing my daily task, one of my colleagues came to me and requested me to design banner for our company annual dinner. The theme is RED. I tried my best on that day to design 1-3 images even I have a lot of daily task need to finish. However, the design has been rejected because our manager wants something that more valuable, memorable and it can show cooperation between their staff, no need to design using computer then printed in the paper. Just design the simple banner, but has memorable value that we will not forget...Fuhh...waste my time, but I take this as a challenges to improve my design..huhuhu...chaaiiiyokkk!!!